Basternae MUD
No scheduled release date yet.


The main thing Basternae 3 is going to need is zones. We can make use of zones in Basternae 1/2 (DikuEdit), Envy, DurisEdit, and Basternae 3 format. We are also willing to add support for other formats in order to import existing zones.

If you are or know the author of any zones from Basternae 2 we would really like to get permission to use the older zones with the new incarnation. What kind of zones do we need?

Hometowns. Lots of them.

Also, see this blog post for a list of authors we would like to have permission from. A few of them have granted us the use of their zones since that post, but it's a pretty good list.

Here is a list of what we have attached the the MUD. There may be other zones that we have permission for but have not converted and attached yet. They are not in this list.

Hometowns We Have Hometowns We Need
Thri-Kreen Good: Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Aquatic Elf, Githzerai, Wild Elf
Minotaur Evil: Duergar, Troll, Orc, Rakshasa, Gnoll, Githyanki
Enslaver (Illithid, Neogi, Umber Hulk)
Drow Elf
Grey Elf (in progress)

Other Zones We Have

Surface Map
Underground Level 1 Map
Underground Level 2 Map
Gypsy Encampment
The Minotaur Stronghold
Yurgoth's Estate
Defense of Longhollow
The Arena of the Ancients
The Cavern of the Worms
The Elemental Plane of Air
The Hostel of Drakkenwood
Tower of Darkness
The Village of Stoneward
The Village of Friehold
Mosswood Village
The Training Academy
The Temple of Strife
The Granite Spire
The Fields of Elysian
The Goblin Camp
Gagga'Jobo Caves
The Market of In'Goboda
The Outer Goblin Outpost
The Stables of Malch'hor Ganl
The Tunnels of Goober
Ice Tunnel Shaft
The Mik'Mak Caverns
The Forest of Neeble
The Mountains of Tentro
The Village of Shadowfall
The Court of the Muse
The Plateau of the Temple

To submit a completed zone or discuss our zone needs (including permission to use older Basternae zones), email [xangis] [at] [yahoo] [dot] [com]. I do not have a record of zones that were authorized for Basternae 2, so we're starting from scratch.

We can still use the Basternae version of DikuEdit 3.10, or the newer GUI-based editor. The new editor is a work in progress, so if you are building a zone with it and need it to do something that it doesn't let Xangis know.


You may be interested in the following downloads:

Version 0.57 of the Basternae 3 Editor - the new GUI-based zone editor (for Windows).

Version 0.50 of the Basternae 3 Editor - the new GUI-based zone editor (for MacOS/Linux, requires Mono).

DikuEdit 3.10 for Basternae MUD - the old DOS-based zone editor.

Zone Editing Documentation

These documents were written by various authors (generally Thendar, Xangis/Veygoth, and Sniktiorg) over the past 10 years.  Some of the information might be out of date, but they may be useful:


The Basternae 3 project is sponsored by Those People You Like