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The mind and physique are usually not totally different entities. If the mind says you might be within the fallacious physique – it’s a mind challenge – not a physique challenge. If the physique says you could have the fallacious mind – will you get one other mind? File photograph: Olena Yakobchuk, Shutter Inventory, licensed.

“To be clear, this “alternate perspective” of an “innate gender fluidity” arising from prenatally “feminized” or “masculinized” brains trapped within the fallacious physique is an ideological perception that has no foundation in rigorous science.” – Michelle A. Cretella, M.D. 

PORTSMOUTH, OH –  The place’s the arduous science on gender ideology? You received’t discover it as a result of it doesn’t exist. It’s nothing greater than a fairytale fantasy – not actuality. And the American Counseling Affiliation (ACA) is following the trans motion script. Why is the ACA governing board ignoring the fact-based science of biology, anatomy, physiology? Why observe a make-believe fictional mannequin? The foundational assumptions of gender ideology are flawed and defective.  

The Transgender Useful resource Heart lists a number of research that debunk gender ideology and gender id as science-based.  

The mind and physique are usually not totally different entities. If the mind says you might be within the fallacious physique – it’s a mind challenge – not a physique challenge. If the physique says you could have the fallacious mind – will you get one other mind? In fact not. Don’t inform children to alienate and reject their very own our bodies – that’s mentally unhealthy. Inform children the scientific details and actuality. Gender ideology is a nonscience principle. A organic male can not grow to be a feminine. A organic feminine can not grow to be a male. It’s unimaginable.  


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And simply because somebody someplace determined to separate the phrases ‘intercourse’ and ‘gender’ and pull new meanings out of the air – doesn’t make it reality. ‘Gender id’ is a mere phrase based mostly on opinion and never scientific knowledge or the outcomes of peer-reviewed analysis research. 

What’s the American Counseling Affiliation (ACA)?

ACA is the world’s largest nonprofit affiliation representing skilled counselors in varied apply settings. There are 20 chartered divisions. 


The American Counseling Affiliation stands in solidarity with all people and their primary human proper to entry public restrooms and altering amenities that match their gender id. 

Gender is the product of an advanced interplay of chromosomes, anatomy, hormones, and tradition that begins earlier than delivery. Most individuals’s gender id is in step with the gender they have been labeled at delivery. People who establish as transgender have a persistent and constant expertise of their gender being totally different from their intercourse assigned at delivery…Counselors know and perceive the essential significance of residing persistently with one’s gender id, which can or might not embrace bodily or social gender transition. (daring emphasis mine) 

So, does the final assertion of the above paragraph inform the general public that the ACA helps and promotes puberty blockers and mutilation surgical procedure for adolescents? The general public must know. 

What sort of a society gladly cuts off wholesome breasts and genitals of teenagers within the title of transgenderism, a nonscientific principle? A sick society.  

ACA members are dedicated to nondiscrimination and the prevention of harassment in all varieties, together with protections for transgender, gender non-conforming/gender expansive, and LGBTQ+ people. We stand collectively in robust opposition to any efforts to discriminate towards people who’re residing their genuine lives. 

The Affiliation for Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transgender Points in Counseling (ALGBTIC) Competencies for Counseling Transgender Purchasers have been authorised by the ACA Governing Council in November 2009.  

This isn’t a LGBQ challenge in any respect – this is a matter to save lots of and defend children from treatment and mutilation – which is baby abuse in my skilled and private viewpoint. No baby is born within the fallacious physique. And in my skilled opinion, accepting and supporting transgenderism as a science is a precursor to treatment and mutilation for adolescents. One falsehood results in extra falsehoods, and a home is not going to stand on a shaky basis. 

The next is the signature of the automated electronic mail reply I obtained from the Ethics division of ACA: 

“Theo Brown, Administrative Coordinator: The Heart for Counseling Coverage, Follow & Analysis. Pronouns: he/him (What is that this?)”

Because of the vacation, the ACA governing physique has not responded to my commentaries in reference to transgenderism and youngsters – and so they might not. I’m positive they must seek the advice of with their authorized counsel. In the event that they reply, this commentary can be up to date.   

(ACA) ALGBTIC Competencies for Counseling Transgender Purchasers

“Throughout this range, the authors share a typical strategy of affirming that each one individuals have the potential to stay totally functioning and emotionally wholesome lives all through the lifespan alongside the total spectrum of gender id and gender expression…Transphobia describes the irrational worry and hatred of all these people who transgress, violate, or blur the dominant gender classes in a given society, which can be skilled by transgender people in several methods from microaggressions to violence.” 

So, if a baby or grownup believes his/her gender id is a transgender unicorn, a genderless rock, or a fluid gender that modifications day by day – does ACA and ASCA help the illusions and delusions of shoppers? A BIZILLION GENDERS R US. 

So, when others disagree with transgenderism, they’re haters. ACA, what occurred to freedom of speech? 

ACA Competent counselors will: 

Perceive and bear in mind that there was a historical past of heterosexism and gender bias within the Diagnostic and Statistical Guide (DSM). For occasion, counselors ought to have information that homosexuality was beforehand categorized as a psychological dysfunction and that at present “Gender Identification Dysfunction” stays within the DSM.  

Talking out towards the nonscientific principle of transgenderism has nothing to do with homosexuality. Nonetheless, trans activists erroneously join it to additional accuse people with various views as discriminators – one other energy tactic utilized by dictators to manage and condemn arduous science. No baby is born within the fallacious physique – observe the science. 

Removing of wholesome breasts and genitals is named “physique modifications” within the aforementioned doc. Actually? Hmmm.  

“Contemplate limitations of present literature and present analysis strategies concerning transgender people…” and “Pay attention to gaps in literature and analysis…”  

So, there is a matter with the analysis on transgenderism. Uh-huh. A smoke display screen tactic. 

Articles in Counseling Immediately, {a magazine} for ACA: 

As you see, training counselors have jumped on the nonscientific band wagon of transgenderism as properly. 

Comply with the unconventional trans motion path and go away science behind within the mud: 

The American College Counseling Affiliation (ASCA) is a division of ACA: 

ACA Opposes Ohio Invoice Requiring Academics, Counselors to ‘Out’ Transgender Youngsters to Mother and father. 

“College students should be allowed to talk to skilled counselors about deeply private points with out worry that their mother and father can be notified. Most of the younger individuals who want these conversations probably the most have already got issues with acceptance at residence, and the necessities of H.B. 658 would solely exacerbate these issues.” 

So, public faculty counselors and academics should be allowed to bypass mother and father and help/encourage college students that establish as transgender (a nonscience principle). Actually? Hmmm. When did mother and father grow to be insignificant within the USA? When did withholding data from mother and father about their very own youngsters grow to be a coverage? Mendacity by omission continues to be mendacity. Public workers paid by taxpayers can lie to oldsters with out repercussions because of Title IX. Actually?  

Learn the next commentary column: Caught On Video: ASCA College Counselors Mislead Mother and father And Educate Youngsters To Lie To Mother and father About Transgenderism – Dangerous Title IX 

Wise residents must unite, manage, and communicate out towards misleading and deviant Title IX and the usurping of parental rights by faculty techniques and counselors.  

The novel transgender motion and language 

Is it logical or cheap to vary or manufacture language in an effort to help your personal doctrine to vary societal norms? That’s a widely known tactic utilized by dictators. Change phrases and language to vary cognitions to vary feelings to vary values to vary behaviors. That’s a method to make use of energy to manage the populous.  

One other strategy is to name names and advantage sign: transphobic, haters, dragphobic, heterosexism, transprejudice, transnegativity. Psychological well being professionals, medical professionals, educators, and fogeys that disagree with puberty blockers and mutilation surgical procedure for youths are being shunned, criticized, and discriminated towards. Freedom of speech is being censored and labeled as a hate crime.   

A feminine is a feminine is a feminine – and by some other title a feminine continues to be a feminine. Science is just not hate speech. Biology is just not bigotry. Mind neurology is just not pseudo-science. Radical rhetoric has hijacked civilized society.  

Rogue physicians and rogue remedies: 

“Though members of the media and politicians typically declare that youngsters are not often present process any excessive remedies for gender dysphoria, Dr. Van Mol shared {that a} colleague of his had shocked a bunch of federal lawmakers who have been additionally docs when he shared particulars of the work completed by NIH grant money-funded pediatric gender clinics, which included the administration of hormone medication to youngsters as younger as 8 and youngsters as younger as 13 present process double mastectomies.” 

Properly, guess what? 

  • Youngsters’s rights are human rights. 
  • Organic women’ rights are human rights. 
  • Organic boys’ rights are human rights. 
  • Mother and father’ rights are human rights. 

Throughout my profession, I used to be a member of ACA and attended a number of of the annual conferences. I used to be additionally a member of the state chapter – The Ohio Counseling Affiliation. If not retired, I’d cancel my memberships as a result of nonscientific rhetoric of fluid gender id. A feelings-based principle is just not science. A organic male can not bleed month-to-month from a uterus, grow to be impregnated, nor nurse an toddler with breast milk – not doable. What has occurred to frequent sense? 

Moreover, I’d by no means be a member of any group that adheres to puberty blockers and mutilation surgical procedure of wholesome breasts and genitals of youngsters or adolescents. 

What can mother and father and guardians do?

When in search of a counselor/therapist to your baby for any purpose, I counsel you inquire in regards to the particular person’s views on gender ideology for transgenderism. Ask if the person is a member of ACA and/or ASCA and whether or not he/she agrees with the assertion on fluid gender id and drugs or breast elimination or genital surgical procedure for people that establish as transgender. Know the counseling confidentiality insurance policies and legislature in your faculty system and state. Ask for copies of respected and peer-reviewed research and analysis factual data. Use your personal essential pondering abilities and select correctly.  

The scientific analysis and details inform the truthful story. Arm your self with factual science when confronting faculty counselors, therapists, educators, medical professionals, and the federal government.   


Abigail Shrier. Irreversible Harm: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. Banned by the American Booksellers Affiliation. 

“When Harry Turned Sally: Responding to the Transgender Second,” a ebook by Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D. Banned by Amazon. 


“I’m a Pediatrician. How Transgender Ideology Has Infiltrated My Area and Produced Giant-Scale Baby Abuse,” an article by Michelle Cretella. “However transgender ideology is not only infecting our legal guidelines. It’s intruding into the lives of probably the most harmless amongst us—youngsters—and with the obvious rising help of the skilled medical group.” 

“Gender Dysphoria in Youngsters and Suppression of Debate,” a peer-reviewed article by Michelle A. Cretella, M.D. “Gender is a time period that refers back to the psychological and cultural traits related to organic intercourse. It’s a psychological idea and sociological time period, not a organic one. Gender id refers to a person’s consciousness of being male or feminine. Gender dysphoria (GD) in youngsters is used to explain a psychological situation through which a baby experiences marked incongruence between his skilled gender and the gender related along with his organic intercourse. He’ll typically categorical the assumption that he’s the alternative intercourse.” 

The upper suicide fallacy in children that establish as trans: 

The next is the conclusion from a 2011 research in Sweden printed in PLoS One. “Individuals with transsexualism, after intercourse reassignment, have significantly increased dangers for mortality, suicidal habits, and psychiatric morbidity than the overall inhabitants.” (daring emphasis mine) 

Michelle A. Cretella, M.D. “It’s now alleged that discrimination, violence, psychopathology, and suicide are the direct and inevitable penalties of withholding social affirmation of a kid’s gender discordance and permitting a gender dysphoric baby to go by means of puberty in accordance along with his organic intercourse. But, the truth that 80 p.c to 95 p.c of gender-dysphoric youth emerge bodily and psychologically intact after passing by means of puberty with out social affirmation refutes this declare. Moreover, greater than 90 p.c of people that die of suicide have a recognized psychological dysfunction. There is no such thing as a proof that gender-dysphoric youngsters who full suicide are any totally different. Due to this fact, the cornerstone for suicide prevention ought to be the identical for them as for all youngsters: early identification and remedy of psychological co-morbidities.” 

Arlington Mum or dad Coalition: “Analysis cited by transgender activists in help of their ideology has confirmed to be flawed, inaccurate, or downright misleading…When one digs into the analysis and researchers cited by transgender activists, such because the 27 docs behind the duty pressure that wrote the American Academy of Pediatrics assertion that helps gender affirmation, one inevitably finds that the writers have monetary incentive to drive youngsters to gender clinics for transition. Within the AAP assertion, for instance, the committee chair and the pinnacle guide each work for gender clinics.” 

Heart for American Liberty CEO Harmeet Dhillon and consumer, Jessica Konen, be a part of The Ingraham Angle to clarify how predatory center faculty educators secretly groomed Jessica’s sixth grade daughter into transgenderism—and advised her daughter to not inform her mother as a result of her mother couldn’t be “trusted.” Mother and father battle again towards activist academics. 

Journalist Julie Kelly for The Federalist penned, “Scientific American’s Transgenderism Difficulty Solely Delegitimizes Science.” 


“To be clear, this “alternate perspective” of an “innate gender fluidity” arising from prenatally “feminized” or “masculinized” brains trapped within the fallacious physique is an ideological perception that has no foundation in rigorous science.” – Michelle A. Cretella, M.D. 

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