Kirk & Pike of Unusual New Worlds Are Already Higher Than Abrams’ Star Trek

JJ Abrams’ Star Trek made Pike Kirk the daddy determine, however Kirk could have a really totally different relationship with Pike in Unusual New Worlds season 2.

The younger lieutenant James T. Kirk (Paul Wesley) will be part of Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds season 2, however his tentative relationship with Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) already bodes higher than the way it was introduced in that of JJ Abrams. Star Trek films An alternate future model of Captain Kirk appeared inside Unusual New Worlds’ season 1 finale, and Pike was impressed by Kirk, who was the Captain of the USS Farragut. However in Unusual New Worlds the time-frame of season 2, Kirk remains to be a younger lieutenant serving on the Farragut that Pike has his eye on.


In Star Trek 2009, Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) was instrumental in James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) becoming a member of Starfleet. Pike dared Jim to do higher than his father, Lt. George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth), who was Captain of the USS Kelvin for 12 minutes and heroically saved lots of of lives at the price of his personal. 3 years later, Cadet Kirk rose via the ranks when he led the USS Enterprise to defeat Nero ( Eric Bana ) and save Earth. Pike turned the Starship Enterprise over to Kirk, its new Captain. In Star Trek Into Darkness, Admiral Pike was murdered by Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch), and Kirk sought revenge in opposition to the genetically engineered madman. After all, none of this occurred in Star Trek’s Prime Timeline.

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Pike’s Unusual New World Relationship With Kirk Is Higher Than Abrams’

Pike Kirk Strange New Worlds Season 1 Finale

Earlier than Unusual New Worlds season 2 even begins, the upcoming Pike and Kirk relationship is already an enchancment over the Abrams Star Trek films Kirk of the Kelvin Timeline was outlined by the loss of life of his father, and he grew up with no male function mannequin. Captain Pike turned Kirk’s father determine in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, and Pike’s loss of life drove Kirk to the brink of betraying his Starfleet rules as he hunted down Khan. Nonetheless, Kirk of the Prime Timeline has no such pacing points. William Shatner and Paul Wesley’s Kirk grew up with father and brother, Lt. Sam Kirk (Dan Jeannotte), who additionally serves on Pike’s Enterprise, so Jim has no want for a surrogate father in Captain Pike.

As an alternative of a surrogate mum or dad relationship, Pike’s curiosity in Kirk is greater than a mentorship function. Within the now-deleted alternate future the place Pike by accident began the Romulan Battle, Chris labored with Captain Kirk of the Farragut, who took bolder probabilities and had a extra reckless command fashion. Pike discovered that it was Kirk’s risk-taking and daring that really defeated the Romulans and prevented a battle that Pike didn’t together with his extra cautious, peace-driven strategy. In a way, Pike needs to be taught from younger Lt. Kirk as a lot as he needs to show Jim in Unusual New Worlds season 2.

SNW Is The Origin Of How Kirk Turns into Captain Of The Enterprise

Paul Wesley as Kirk and the USS Enterprise

An interesting look to be careful for Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds season 2 is that it may very well be the origin of how James T. Kirk turns into Captain of the Enterprise. After Pike labored with the alt-captain Kirk in Unusual New Worlds’ season 1 finale, he started to contemplate the younger Starfleet Officer his attainable successor. In any case, Pike is properly conscious that he’s doomed to endure a debilitating accident that would be the “loss of life of the person he’s” in 2266. It is extremely probably that Pike now is aware of that Kirk is the person who will command the Enterprise after him and lead the flagship of the United Federation of Planets (United Federation of Planets) to make historical past.

The potential for Pike mentoring from Lt. Kirk in Unusual New Worlds season 2, and the youthful man recklessly rejecting or conflicting with the residing legend, will likely be plenty of enjoyable for audiences to witness. Lt. Kirk will finally develop into the swaggering, heroic Captain performed by William Shatner, and the way a lot affect Pike could have on him going ahead will likely be very telling. In the meantime, that is constructive Lieutenant James T. Kirk haven’t got daddy points and are not in search of a father determine in Pike, which makes them stronger. Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds season 2.

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Star Trek: Unusual New Worlds Season 2 premieres in 2023 on Paramount+.

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