Biocytogen Launches RenNano™ Mouse, a Absolutely Human Heavy Chain Antibody Platform to Speed up Nanobody Drug Discovery

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Biocytogen Prescription drugs (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Biocytogen”, HKEX: 02315) at this time formally launched its absolutely human heavy chain antibody platform, RenNano™. RenNano™ is the third member of the RenMice™ household, becoming a member of RenMab™ and RenLite®. Collectively, Biocytogen’s three RenMice™ platforms allow the streamlined discovery and improvement of absolutely human monoclonal antibodies, bispecific/multispecific antibodies and single-domain antibodies (sdAbs, or nanobodies).

Whereas people and mice generate antibodies that require heavy and light-weight chain pairing to be useful, camels and sharks generate heavy chain-restricted antibodies (HCAb), which means that their variable domains (VHH or sdAb) can operate with out pairing with the sunshine chain. Attributable to their nanometer-level measurement and small molecular weight, sdAbs have superior permeability, thus can cross the blood-brain barrier and infiltrate strong tumor tissues. As well as, the longer CDR3 area allows sdAbs to detect the in any other case hidden epitopes of GPCRs and different troublesome targets. As a result of sdAbs have a easy construction, they’re excellent constructing blocks for assembling bispecific/multispecific antibodies and CAR cell therapies.

Whereas nanobodies have their distinctive benefits, animals that naturally produce HCAbs, equivalent to camels, are troublesome to be broadly used for the preparation of monoclonal antibodies as a result of they’re giant, have a protracted reproductive cycle and few offspring. In the meantime, humanization is required to develop camelid antibody sequences into medication, which additional will increase the complexity and time of drug improvement.

Subsequently, Biocytogen developed a RenNano™ mouse that was engineered to supply HCAbs by modifying the fixed area of the absolutely human RenMab™ mannequin. In comparison with different present HCAb platforms, the on the spot alternative of the mouse genes with the whole human heavy chain variable genes makes the mouse RenNano™ one of the complete absolutely human antibody platforms on the earth. SdAb sequences generated from RenNano™ mice have the best attainable range, and don’t require antibody humanization., which saves time and value, and reduces danger of failure throughout later phases of drug improvement. Moreover, in comparison with camelids or different pure HCAb-producing species, mice are simpler to breed and immunize. Our inner research present that immunization of RenNano™ mice can generate HCAbs with completely different CDR3 sequences that acknowledge completely different epitopes. These HCAbs can acknowledge antigens with nM-level affinity impartial of sunshine chains. Furthermore, antibodies derived from RenNano™ mice are capable of exert each organic features in vitro and in life. They’re very hydrophilic and have favorable developability traits.

The profitable improvement of the RenNano™ platform expands Biocytogen’s antibody discovery capabilities and broadens the functions of our antibody library. We welcome world companions to comprehend the complete potential of our RenMice™ platforms and derived antibodies and produce profit to the sufferers.

About RenMice

RenMice™ie, RenMab™, RenLite® and RenNano™ mice, which have proprietary mental rights, had been developed by Biocytogen over 5 years utilizing limitless measurement, precision chromosome engineering (SUPCE) expertise. RenMice™ is among the prime 3 absolutely human antibody mice made by on the spot alternative expertise worldwide. All RenMice™ limbs comprise full human heavy chain VDJ loci changed on the spot. As for antibody κ mild chains, RenMab™ mouse incorporates full human VJ websites changed on the spot and RenLite® mouse incorporates a single human VJ locus substituted on the spot. RenNano™ mouse modified heavy chain fixed areas to generate useful HCAbs.

RenMice™ can generate a strong immune response and produce absolutely human antibodies with nice range, specificity, affinity and druggability. Utilizing RenMice™, Biocytogen has constructed 6 absolutely human antibody discovery platforms, overlaying numerous kinds of targets and classes equivalent to monoclonal antibody (RenMab™), bispecific antibody and bispecific ADC (RenLite).®), a nanobody (RenNano™), a TCR-mimicking antibody for intracellular targets (HLA/RenMice, ie, MHC humanized RenMice™), and an antibody platform towards GPCR and different troublesome targets (RenMice™ knockouts).

RenMice™ has been acknowledged by main biopharmaceutical firms all over the world, together with Merck KGaA, Xencor, BeiGene, Innovent, and so forth.

About Biocytogen:

Biocytogen (HKEX: 02315) is a worldwide biotechnology firm that drives the analysis and improvement of latest antibody-based medicines with revolutionary applied sciences. Utilizing its proprietary RenMab™/RenLite®/RenNano™ mouse platforms for absolutely human monoclonal antibody, bispecific/multispecific antibody and nanobody improvement, Biocytogen has built-in its in life drug efficacy screening platforms and robust medical improvement experience to streamline the whole drug improvement course of. Biocytogen is enterprise a large-scale challenge to develop top quality and/or finest antibody medication for greater than 1000 targets, often called Undertaking Integrum. This challenge resulted in 28 drug co-development agreements and 16 RenMice™ licensing agreements with firms all over the world, together with a number of partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical firms (MNCs). Biocytogen’s pipeline consists of 12 core merchandise, amongst which two merchandise are in section II multi-regional medical trials and two merchandise are in section I. Headquartered in Beijing, Biocytogen has branches in Haimen Jiangsu, Shanghai, Boston, USA and Heidelberg, Germany. For extra data, please go to

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