Star Trek’s Q Already Admitted Why He is Obsessed With Humanity

Q, Star Trek’s omnipotent trickster, has a long-standing obsession with people, and IDW’s one-shot explains why.

Q, The one from Star Trek almighty trickster god, defined why he’s so obsessive about humanity. In Star Trek Alien Highlight: QQ owns Captain Jean-Luc Picard, on the eve of tense diplomatic negotiations. Whereas in Picard’s possession, Q explains why he’s so fascinated with people and different “decrease” life varieties.

Q, (or “The Q” as his species is named) is likely one of the many god-like beings that inhabit the Star Trek universe Q first appeared within the Star Trek: The Subsequent Era pilot episode “Encounter at Farpoint”, the place he put the crew of the Enterprise prosecuted for the crimes of humanity. Q would typically return in all places The Subsequent Era seven-season run; he even appeared in its spin-offs: Deep House 9 and a traveler. The newest look of Q, in season two of Star Trek: Picard noticed the trickster embrace his impending dying—however not with out a final hurray with Jean-Luc. Q has a contradictory nature: he’s endlessly fascinated with people, however he additionally considers them to be decrease life varieties. The place does Q’s fascination with folks come from? One Star Trek comedian supplied the reply.


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The one-shot by Scott and David Tipton in addition to Elena Cassagrande opens with Q taking possession of Captain Picard’s physique. Picard and the crew of the Enterprise are concerned in some significantly tough peace negotiations—and Q’s interference is the very last thing they want. Picard protests, telling Q lives are at stake. Q responds, saying: “you individuals are at all times involved with trigger and impact, as when you have some sort of management over them anyway.” Later, after Q has returned Picard’s physique to him, he pontificates in regards to the a number of potentialities that lie earlier than people, and the way they make selections blindly, with out figuring out the implications of their actions. Picard tells Q that they had little selection within the matter; Q goes on to confess that Picard’s answer to their dilemma was “elegant.” Picard then tells him that he’s not stunned that the “idea of charity” is overseas to Q.

Q’s Fascination With Individuals Stems From Our Limitations

Star Trek Q Picard Humanity

In Q’s debut, he put Jean-Luc and the crew of the Enterprise on trial for the crimes of humanity—and this fascination with people and different decrease life varieties would proceed by Q’s different appearances on The Subsequent Era and the franchise as a complete. Whereas it may be argued that maybe Q’s obsession with people isn’t any completely different from a researcher experimenting on animals, it really runs deeper – and Star Trek Alien Highlight: Q exhibits why. As a godlike, omniscient being, Q can see time and house one way or the other The one from Star Trek folks can’t; he can see the causes of a scenario, but in addition its results—even earlier than it occurs. People would not have such talents, and thus should make selections based mostly on proof and expertise; folks might not be conscious of all the implications of their actions, however they nonetheless make troublesome selections. And typically, in the event that they’re fortunate, these selections are praised by Q himself.

Q (Normally) Actions within the Pursuits of Humanity

Star Trek Q Picard Humanity 2

The actions of Q throughout his varied points, regardless of preliminary impressions, often profit humanity in some capability; for instance, Q initiated the primary formal contact between the Federation and the Borg. The Borg have already invaded the Alpha Quadrant, and so Q’s actions might be seen as getting ready humanity for what lies forward. Likewise, Q helped Picard take care of his greatest remorse in life, and confirmed him the way it formed him into who he’s at present. All these deeds originate from Q’s fascination with humanity in Star Trek.

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