The New Gods of Star Trek Are the Final Insult to Klingon Society

The Klingons of Star Trek are an unstoppable warrior race that bends the knee to no man or god, however a brand new revelation places the reality to that lie.

Warning: Spoilers for Star Trek #2!It has all the time been stated that the Klingons killed their very own gods, as a result of they had been “extra hassle than they had been value,” in response to Worf. And of their place The one from Star Trek most identified warrior tradition honors the traditional warrior generally known as Kahless the Unforgettable. Nonetheless, a brand new revelation at IDW Publishing continues Star Trek sequence demonstrates the falsehoods in a lot Klingon lore and honor.


In keeping with The Klingon Artwork of Strugglehardcover reference e book by Keith RA DeCandido, the Klingon gods, existed for nearly three thousand years earlier than the time of Khaless. They dominated from the Nice Tree of the World, and demanded tribute and sacrifice from the primitive individuals of Qo’noS. As an alternative, the gods confirmed the traditional Klingons the best way to construct with brick and mortar and even introduced the lifeless again to life. Nonetheless, as time handed the gods demanded an increasing number of from their worshippers, and every request was more durable for the Klingons to meet, and the rewards had been much less and fewer. The Klingons noticed their gods as trivial and unworthy of their worship, and they also had been led by Kortar the Mighty to unite and insurgent towards them. The soldiers climbed the Nice Tree and killed their deities, thus cementing the Klingon’s hatred of all those that claimed divinity, or at the least, or so the story is sung by Klingon warriors.

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Nonetheless, in Star Trek #2 written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, and drawn by Oleg Chudakov, followers be taught that the Klingon race is just not highly effective sufficient to defeat all of the gods of their midst. The Engineers of Sardakesh are a strong and technologically superior god-like race who dwell on a planet inside Klingon territory. The Klingon Excessive Council is totally conscious of their energy and even as soon as tried to beat them. The marketing campaign went very poorly, and the army race by no means tried once more, as a substitute selecting to go away them remoted and undisturbed on their planet. This looks like a really smart transfer on the a part of the Klingons, nevertheless it additionally cuts deep into the consideration of a race of warriors who’ve constructed their perception system on the narrative of their dominance over all others, even these claiming divinity.

Khaless With Fear

That is particularly troubling for the present emperor of the Klingons – the clone of Kahless. Star Journey: Klingons #1 by Lanzing, Kelly, and Timothy Inexperienced II, tells the story of the unique Khaless who cast trendy Klingon society in battle and honor. This legendary warrior is revered by Klingons, and professed a robust perception that his individuals wouldn’t reply to any gods. Nonetheless, his clone predecessor is a considerably much less imposing determine and this pseudo-leader of Klingon society is nicely conscious of this and the way he’s considered by some within the Excessive Council. Now with the revelation of the existence of the Engineers of Sardakeshthere isn’t any doubt that he didn’t honor the idea of the unique Kahless that the Klingons ought to be higher than gods.

Khaless Without Fear

Nonetheless, now there’s somebody within the galaxy who’s killing them, and it’s attainable that Emperor Khaless sees this as a possibility to dwell as much as his namesake. He endangered the peace between Klingons and the Federation by denying their request for assist in stopping the mysterious new god-killer. Benjamin Sisko and Worf attempt their greatest to cease this new genocide, however they be taught that the Klingons will not be on their aspect on this new conflict that threatens the entire Star Trek universe

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