7 Amazing Minecraft Nether Portal Design Ideas

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An Inner Portal, a mysterious gate that can take you through the Inner Realm with dangers and perils.

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Anyone who does Minecraft knows that with the intention of building it, you’ll want some obsidian and a supply hearth of flint and metal.

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And to be honest, the main Nether portal is ugly. So why not spruce it up with these top Minecraft Under Portal Design Ideas? Let’s dive in!

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When it involves designing your Minecraft nether portal, you need to understand that the body of the primary obsidian remains nonetheless. You can exclusively modify the enclosing block to cover the portal. Without further ado, let’s check out our biggest Minecraft portal design ideas.


7 Amazing Minecraft Nether Portal Design Ideas

Although you won’t be able to see the obsidian body on the portal design below, the portal does exist. It both consists of 10 obsidian (which is an optimized model) or can be 23 x 23 obsidian blocks.

The supplies listed for each design below do not contain obsidian pendants, but be sure to organize at least 10 obsidians in your inventory. Then make some flint and metal and you’re good to go.

1. Beehive Nether Portal

Materials: Honeycomb, Honeycomb, Yellow Concrete, Yellow Terracotta, Yellow Wool, Oak Traps, Beehive, and Oak Fences.

Nothing is greater than combining the dark side of the Nether portal with the pure nest of the beehive. With a primary yellow tone, this design is mostly attractive and makes the portal stand out from the cluttered surroundings.

However, supplies are pretty exhausting to get, so be prepared. You must raise bees, travel to the badlands biome, craft concrete, farm sheep and dye their wool yellow. It sounds powerful, but it’s actually worth the effort.

2. Ender Dragon Nether Portal

Materials: Bone block, black concrete and sea lantern.

This minecraft portal design idea simulates the apex of an ender dragon with its mouth as a door to the Inner Dimension.

You can further expand this design by building a full head, structure and even dragon wings to make it extra menacing. Furthermore, using pointed drop stones as dragon enamel can be a good suggestion.

3. Expanded Nether Portal

Materials: Blackstone Steps, Polished Blackstone, Basalt, Polished Basalt, Iron Bars, Wranglers, Crimson and Distorted Nilium, Gold Ores, Magma Blocks, and various vegetation in Neter.

Rare in Minecraft sq. And it’s even weirder to see a working Nether portal with such a decoration. The design of this portal is appropriate in the Nether biome, where it is hidden deep within the rock of the nether forest.

If you don’t know tips on how to build stairs in minecraft, we are sure you will have a hard time building blackstone stairs for portal entrance. That’s why we suggest using some common building blocks to build the steps more simply.

4. Overgrown Nether Portal

Materials: cobblestone, cobblestone steps, cobblestone wall, moss cobblestone, moss cobblestone steps, andesite, stone, vines, fir leaves, azalea leaves and grass.

Overgrown is not an outdated theme when building in Minecraft. Aesthetics aside, the overgrown design of the bottom portal can tell a tragic story when abandoned.

Over time, the layer of dust and leaves above the portal slides down. The stone becomes mossy and sunken, making the portal entrance more solid.

Mossy blocks, leaves, grasses, vines, and every other vegetation play a huge role in this design, so be sure to get some scissors ready to harvest them.

5. Medieval Nether portal

Materials: Polished Andesite, Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Steps, Slabs, Slab Wall, Spruce Boards, Spruce Tiles, Spruce Traps and Spruce Steps.

Back in the central era, the place that is a clear dimension continues to be a strange factor for Minecraft people. And what happens when you can combine a Nether Portal inside a temple deep underground?

The design of this Nether portal is kind of huge, but it’s simple to build and acquiring the required assets won’t be too exhausting. Furthermore, you will be able to extend the portal on 4 sides to create a symmetrical structure containing 4 completely different bottom portals.

6. Enchanted Amethyst Nether Portal

Materials: Calcite, Pure Basalt, Amethyst Block, Budding Amethyst, and Amethyst Clusters.

Most Minecrafters choose to build their Nether portal inside a cave and later need to renovate it, so it’s important that your portal blends in properly with the surrounding environment and terrain.

With this particular design, you’ll want quite a few amethyst and calcite blocks. They are unusual blocks that can be found exclusively in Amethyst Geodes, a brand new Minecraft construction within the 1.18 Cave and Cliff replacement.

You also want some basalts, which you’ll find among amethyst geodes or in the Inner Plane.

7. Skull Nether Portal

Materials: warped planks, warped stairs, pointed dripstones, neutrak, flint and metal, and purple stained glass.

This is by far the hardest Minecraft bottom portal design we’re talking about on the list. Not only are the resources exhausting to acquire, but on top of that, the scale of this portal is huge.

There are a minimum of 3 layers on this design to create the depth of the portal. As you can see, the nostrils and jaw are protruding, then the eyes, the face, and finally the layer of obsidian is placed all over the inside.

To light it up, you need to place some wings inside and below the eyes. Then use flint and metal to temper them. Hint: close the eyes with your alternate stained glass.

Let’s not ignore the enamel built with pointed drops. This makes the skull that much more terrifying as it releases the creatures below into this world.

What is your favorite? Is it a block alternative or color mix?

For us, the overgrown Nether portal is a design that we will positively use in our survival world.

So that’s all Minecraft portal design ideas as we speak. Happy building, Minecrafters!


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