Bill Belichick praises Rhamondre Stevenson after breakout performance


Stephenson rushed for 161 yards in the Patriots’ 29-0 win over the Lions on Sunday.

The Patriots running back Rhamundry Stephenson was hit by several Detroit defenders. Jim Davis/Globe Stuff

When the Patriots Damian Harris lost For a hamstring injury in the first half of Sunday, Ramondry Stephenson adapted seamlessly to the increased workload and Powered Patriot missiles To the win 29-0 over black.

Stephenson, a sophomore returning from Oklahoma, exploded for 25 carrying a career high of 161 yards and also earned two passes for 14 yards.

“When Damien came down, I just told him I had his back,” Stephenson said.

While Stevenson’s show was by far the best of his career, it didn’t come out of nowhere. He carried a 12-yard carry for 73 yards and a point against the Ravens and 14 carries for 66 yards against the Packers and has looked particularly fluid lately.

He cemented his place as one of the best reserve players in the league this season after a solid starter campaign.

Stephenson’s most impressive dash on Sunday was a 49-yard sprinter late in the first quarter. He was glad he was freed but disappointed that he didn’t take her home.

“I feel like I should have scored that ball,” Stephenson said. “No confidence is obtained from this race.”

Stevenson would start on many teams, but at the Patriots, he and Harris delivered a massive punch. Whether Harris returns in Week 6 against the Browns or is out longer, it looks like Stevenson will remain a key part of the Patriots’ offensive going forward.

Head coach Bill Belichick was interested in Stevenson and his versatility. He has credited him with his strength and ability to make people pass them up and said he is glad the Patriots have him.

“He’s a good linebacker,” Belichick said. “I love him. I love him.”

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