Caltrans to Host Job Fair in Old Town; Dozens Hired, Promoted Locally So Far

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Caltrans employees on duty. Image:

Caltrans District 11 will hold a recruitment event in Old Town from 8am to 1pm on Tuesday to fill the gap. open space.

Jobs in the state Department of Transportation include equipment operators, highway and landscape maintenance workers, and maintenance assistants.

Those interested in working for Caltrans can attend the job fair at the District 11 headquarters, 4050 Taylor St., walking distance from the Old Town Transit Station.

Most positions are funded Pure CaliforniaGov. Gavin Newsom is pushing for a multi-year $1 billion cleanup effort to create thousands of jobs, remove trash and integrate areas into beautification projects.

In San Diego, Clean California has led 89 state and federal employers through recruitment programs since July 2021. About half of those hired at last year’s event were promoted to more senior and senior positions. to pay.

This is one of the highest rate increases of any of Caltrans’ 12 districts in the state. More than 750 new members have been recruited nationwide.

Caltrans held a major event this month, announcing the removal of 1 million cubic meters of trash from roadsides across the state since the Clean California program was launched.

That’s more than 16,700 tons of garbage – 300% removed from the highway of the state than in 2020. Interesting: It is enough to build two piles of garbage from the Earth to beyond the International Space Station, 250 miles in orbit.

More information can be found at or by contact or (619)952-5382.

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