DRAGON CRY Coming To Crunchyroll In October — GeekTyrant

Crunchyroll has announced that movies Fruits Basket -prelude- and Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry will be coming to the streaming service both subbed and dubbed on October 6. Fruits Basket -prelude- enjoyed a special run in theaters over the summer and documents the story of Katsuya and Kyoko, the parents of Tohru who stars in Fruits Basket. Sadly I didn’t live close enough to a theater airing it to get to see it, so I’m excited to be able to stream it soon as Fruits Basket is one of my favorite anime. Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry debuted theatrically in 2017 features everyone’s favorite group of ragtag wizards racing to recover a stolen magic staff that is rumored to possess the power to destroy the world. I’m not totally caught up on Fairy Tale yet, but it is a really fun anime if you haven’t watched it yet.

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