Europe cuts spending on Spain and puts pensions at risk

Brussels has decided to rein in the economic power of some countries, such as Spain, that have raised their spending. BudgetIn the year Looking ahead to 2023, he asked these countries to reduce spending on some existing goods.

What is new is that Europe’s interests are linked to wealth distribution. The next generationHigh government funding Pedro Sanchez It has not reached commercial or self-governing communities as it should.

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Independent Accountability Authority (AIREF) Chairman Cristina Herrero, a few days ago it was announced that the reduced figure would be 7,500 million euros. This amount along with 75% of the total monthly expenses is directly pointed towards the pension.

If the government corrects these figures, it will have to limit budget increases to avoid jeopardizing European aid. 16.5 billion euros Instead of 24,000, he is planning and working.

Pension Analysis Next, the problem facing the government in an election year like 2023 is the pension review. Indian Penal Code And the increase in pensioners will increase the cost by 8%. If the pension share in the budget is about 25%, this leaves a very narrow growth gap for the rest of the items.

The sustainability program the government sent to Brussels must be revised to accommodate the new cost control rules. A blanket of Spain At the same time, it does not come by covering his head and feet and Spain, like other countries, does not impose these financial regulations.

It will be up to Brussels to decide the extent to which Spain will be allowed to breach. Cost limit Without jeopardizing retirement or next generation funds.

Europe will reduce spending on Spain and put pensions at risk

2022-06-07 05:59:05

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