Ex-Northeastern employee charged with staging reported explosion


Jason Duhaime, 45, is accused of making up the entire incident on Sept. 13 and lying to investigators.

Police and emergency personnel responded to the scene of the reported package explosion on September 13. The Associated Press

Authorities announced that a former Northeastern University employee was arrested Tuesday in connection with the reported package explosion on the Boston campus last month.

Jason Duhaime, 45, allegedly made up the entire incident, falsely reporting to 911 and investigators that he had been injured by small sharp objects ejected from a case he said contained a note directing threats to the lab where he worked, the ‘federal authorities said during a press conference Tuesday morning.

The Boston FBI said Duhaime was arrested Tuesday morning near his residence in San Antonio, Texas. He was charged with conveying false and misleading information in relation to an explosive device and making false and fictitious material statements in a matter within an executive branch of the US government.

Officials declined Tuesday to comment on a possible motive for Duhaime’s alleged actions.

In recent weeks, sources he had indicated that authorities are investigating whether the reported explosion was staged.

According to the Northeast website, Duhaime is a new technology manager with the College of Arts, Media, and Design. The responsibilities of the 45 year are listed as supporting students and faculty to use specialized technology in laboratories and classrooms.

“Manages and supports Virtual/Augmented Reality and 360 immersive technology for the College,” his bio reads. “He is responsible for integrating large-scale projects that implement new technologies for CAMD. Manage and support the operation and training of new technology in the laboratories. Work and train students and faculty on their Virtual / Augmented Reality projects and 360 immersive, through classroom workshops and or one-on-one training sessions.Provides Technical Instruction Design and Training and Support for all CAMDs.

During Tuesday’s press conference, authorities described Duhaime as a “former” university manager.

In an interview with the Globe last month, Duhaime denied staging the explosion, calling the incident “very traumatic” and insisting he was the victim of a criminal act.

“I did not stage this … No way, shape or form … they need to catch the guy who did this,” he told the newspaper.

Boston police said earlier that officers and Boston EMS responded to 39 Leon St. around 7:18 pm on September 13 for a report of a package that had exploded outside Holmes Hall, which is part of a larger complex that contains North’s school of journalism, communication studies. , environmental science, gender and sexuality studies, and international affairs departments, among others.

At the scene, police found Duhaime suffering from minor injuries to his hand, which authorities said Tuesday he faked. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Northeastern canceled evening classes in the buildings surrounding Holmes that night, but campus operations resumed as normal the next day as well. as students concerned about the incident.

In the hours after the incident, universities in the area – including Harvard, MIT and Boston University – urged students to report anything suspicious. Police in Cambridge said they have received an increase in the number of calls reporting suspicious packages.

Information from the Press Association was used in this report.

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