Fall River kitten is dubbed ‘Buzz Lightyear’ after getting a jar stuck on her head


This cat was destined for “infinity and beyond,” but ended up in the care of animal rescuers.

Buzz Lightyear before she was rescued. politeness)

A cat wearing an unusual hat was recently rescued in Fall River after worried passersby noticed it was just a missing soul swimming in a fish bowl – on its head.

Or rather a jar. The cat had a jar stuck to its head.

Rescuers lured the cat into a trap to remove the jar. (politeness)

according to Report By Boston 25, a Val River resident noticed a six-month-old cat hanging around Danforth Street. The concerned citizen then reported the intervention to the animal rescue authorities.

The report says the Boston Animal Rescue Association (ARL) and Fall River Animal Watch were able to lure the cat into a drop trap. Although the cat could not smell the scent with the jar on its head, it followed its siblings into the trap out of curiosity.

The jar-headed cat earned a unique nickname – Buzz Lightyear – thanks to its unique status.

WPRI posted a video of a ginger cat during the rescue. The kitten is seen walking around the parking area and then checking its surroundings from inside the animal rescue cage.

He heard an animal rescuer say: Oh honey, oh honey. Oh strange. That’s not cool,” before the rescue.

Buzz Lightyear has been brought to ARL’s Dedham Center for Animal Care and Adoption.

ARL said they focus on helping the cat feel comfortable in its new position.

arl said in press release. “Buzz has settled into her new surroundings, however, as she is still learning to trust humans, she will need time for ARL staff and volunteers to help make friends with the kitten, who is not yet available for adoption.”

Buzz Lightyear is getting used to its new surroundings. – politeness

While rescuing the cat, ARL discovers an unknown cat colony in the area. Animal rescuers plan to confine these cats to provide medical treatment, spay surgery, and behavior assessment in order to place other cats from the colony in loving homes.

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