‘Good concepts from Ehingbeti will probably be translated into insurance policies for Lagos growth’

Mary Iverumo, partners at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and co-chairs of the Ehingbeti Summit share the imagination and foresight and mission of the Ehingbeti Summit scheduled to take place this week in Lagos. She also highlighted some of the achievements recorded at previous summits. Hope Moses extract:

What does Lagos Financial Summit Ehingbeti mean to the layman on the road?

I believe Ehingbeti has to be seen as a platform to symbolize that Lagos is everyone in Lagos, Lagos, Lagos thinking. is ours! Primarily, the phrase refers to the heart of Lagos, the place of commerce and trade in goods – again a relationship with the pre-colonial era, and continues to exist, accompanied by industrial action. Therefore, Ehingbeti means vitality, connection, trade and wealth.

What should Lagosians expect at this 12-month summit?

Well, this 12-month summit is about the way forward in Lagos. Lagosians should take some solace from the data that Lagos state authorities and the non-public sector in Lagos have the best curiosity of Lagos and Lagosians. National authorities are open to the concept of taking in Lagosians, and this 12-month summit will provide another avenue to share those concepts. We are also counting on a lot of good concepts that will be translated into insurance policies for Lagos events and ultimately implemented as programs and initiatives in Lagos State. Lagosians should expect more readability about what Lagos will look like 30 years from now, and their role in making that future possible.

What were the successes of previous summits?

The one that involved thought (I think it might be off due to debugging) is the orbital strain, the sunshine orbital strain, which was a success. The blue and purple strain railway project was proposed in 2008 and work began in 2009, with at least a number of strains likely to become operational within those 12 months.

I also know from earlier summits that initiatives such as: One, the Ikoyi hyperlink bridge has been built. It’s amazing how the Ikoyi hyperlink bridge has become an icon of Lagos. When you see the bridge, it doesn’t matter what movie you’re watching, you just know it’s Lagos. I agree with the idea that a signal of the developed space is the power to link the constructed structure to the domain. Having something like this (hyperlink bridge) in Lagos is a sign of success.

Second, the concept of unbiased energy vegetation (IPP) was proposed in 2000, and six IPPs were launched in 2013.

3. The Pen Cinema Bridge started construction in 2017 and will be completed and opened to traffic in 2021.

4. Lekki’s deep sea port – which began development in 2017 – is ready to be fully opened within this 12-month period.

5. The Imota rice factory, to be completed in 2021, is scheduled to start full-scale production in the fourth quarter of 2022.

6. The Lagos Home Mortgage Scheme was launched in 2014.

7. The National Security Conviction Fund, launched in 2009, remains a prime example of the collective emergence of the public and private sectors for Lagos

There are many extras.

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Who is your target audience for this 12-month summit?

For the summit, for these 12 months, our target audience is those who love Lagos, anyone who loves Lagos. Lagos is where the market is. I always laugh at those black people to be successful, Africa should be successful, Africa should be successful, Nigeria should be successful, Nigeria should be successful, Lagos should be successful. Ordinary Lagosians need to succeed and dream of a better life. That’s our audience. You know, with the pandemic, having a hybrid engagement model has become the norm. Therefore, our audience should not all be physically gathered in one place (Eko Lodge) for the summit during these 12 months; members can be part of the online, but participate wherever they are.

A larger percentage of the 211 resolutions have been implemented so far, it said. How many resolutions need to be implemented? How much are we fighting for in these 12 months?

About 95 of the 211 resolutions have been or are being implanted. Over 200, I believe, about 10 or 11 have yet to be implemented. I’m not sure I can figure out how much resolution we want. This is because conversations are often natural and can be fruitful during the summit. I do know that in the two days of October 11th and 12th, 2022, there may be some concepts that we will translate into resolutions. As many as 20 to 25 resolutions have been reached from previous summits. I’m not sure how much we’re paying attention to, but we’re sure we might get concepts that could push things further in Lagos.

Who are the top dignitaries expected to attend the summit?

Some of the movers and shakers of the Nigerian economic system, a considerable number of financial leaders from different sectors of the economic system are expected to attend the summit, from the monetary sector, power sector, technology companies, conglomerates, manufacturing, leisure, public sector, growth partners and lots of extras. For example, in a few days we may have discussions with the Chartered Institute of Bankers and rely on the significant participation of their members.

You know what I’m telling you, the main focus of this 12-month summit is long-term planning; we all know that the execution of the plan may depend on our young people. Therefore, there will even be many young dignitaries from different industries. Where I’m from, I can’t identify anyone until I get their permission to act, but I do know we expect some important and fascinating people to be at the summit. Attending the Ehingbeti Summit can be a worthwhile endeavor.

What do you expect from Lagosians?

It just says allow us to work together, I guess it has two elements:

One, Lagosians are greater than natives; some just love Lagos, get residency in Lagos, stay in Lagos, go to high school in Lagos…they are Lagosians, for Contributing to creating the future of Lagos

Second, we all want to acknowledge the fact that we all have to work together to create our future Lagos. For example, clogged drainage technology, causing what they call flash floods, is not just the authorities’ responsibility to fix; we all have to play our part and work together to get the designated drainage system.

What happens after the Ehingbeti summit?

After the summit, some concepts and resolutions may be incorporated into the 30-year implementation plan. Through thoughtful steps, we may begin to implement the plan. As far as I can tell, the work of the Financial Summit team has not been done by the end of the summit since those 12 months. So, we will continue to work hard to keep things accountable. Ask appropriate questions and observe implementation of summit resolutions.

What are your predictions for Lagos over the next few years?

When the seat of Nigerian authorities moved to Abuja, I was old enough that people feared Lagos would be relegated. This hasn’t happened yet. Lagos has always been at the heart of the actions of people, companies, governments and international partners – recognising that it would be more difficult to succeed at almost anything without Lagos – and I don’t think that will change.

Let me speculate briefly, I think Lagos is the cornerstone of the success of the black race.

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