He-Man Woman Haters Talk Werewolf By Night, Hellraiser

He-Man Woman-Haters React To Werewolf By Night & Hellraiser | Daily COG

Today, Manny gives his early spoiler-free reaction to Werewolf by Night and Hellraiser. Before that, however, Kyle goes on a 10 minute rant about people projecting their feelings onto another’s comments… sorta. Welcome to the Daily Cup of Genre, where hot takes are on the menu EVERY DAY… It seems.

(00:00)- Intro & Kyle’s Monologue
(11:58)- Manny’s Thoughts
(18:00)- Characters Vs Actors: What Matters More
(24:11)- Manny’s Werewolf By Night Reaction
(31:22)- Manny’s Hellraiser Reaction
(34:18)- Apple Does Something Logical & Final Thoughts

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Question(s) of the day: Are you still excited for Werewolf By Night and Hellraiser after early reactions?

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