Hearst Foundations award $650,000 in grants to 3 Seattle groups

Seattle University is one of the recipients of a Hearst Foundations grant.


The Hearst Foundations announced three Seattle organizations have been awarded grants totaling $650,000.

Hearst Foundations executive director Paul “Dino” Dinovitz announced last week that FareStart will receive $200,000 for its job training program; the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center will receive $250,000 for its scientists’ evergreen fund; and Seattle University will receive $200,000 to help expand the nursing department’s clinical simulation program.

The William Randolph Hearst Foundation and The Hearst Foundation Inc. are independent private philanthropies established in the 1940s by William Randolph Hearst, founder of the Hearst Corporation, which owns the SeattlePI. The two foundations act as a unified national philanthropic resource for nonprofit organizations and institutions working in the fields of education, health, culture and social service. The two foundations give the grants together.

In addition to grantmaking, two unique programs are administered and funded by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation: the United States Senate Youth Program for high school juniors and seniors and the Journalism Awards Program for undergraduates at accredited schools of journalism.

The Hearst Foundations have awarded more than 21,500 grants to nearly 6,000 organizations since their founding. Last year, the Hearst Foundations gave 429 grants worth a total of $104 million to 125 organizations. Of that total, $55.5 million was in COVID-19-realted grants, officials said.

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