High School Students Get Jobs at Texas State Fair – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

James Madison High School’s men’s basketball coach wanted his student-athletes to learn logistics, management and entrepreneurship. He figured what better place to do that than the State Fair of Texas.

Eleventh-grader Keanon Lawson said the practice was good for the business he hopes to run someday.

“As I get older, I don’t have to ask anyone for anything,” he said. “I want to be all by myself and I want to help others too.”

The time spent behind the counter at Southside Steaks and Cakes at the State Fair was intentional. Lawson said he wanted to join others on his basketball team in giving back to his community and learning.

South Dallas was born out of a partnership between the company and the surrounding community. Damien Mobley is the basketball coach at Madison and said the owners of Southside Steaks and Cakes agreed to give his players experience.

“A lot of these guys want to get out to work right away and own their own business and entrepreneurship and maybe just bring some guys in,” Mobley said.

He said it’s about exposure to lessons beyond the courtroom.

“I also wanted to get that out there and get some human contact and some social skills and be able to build relationships and networks outside of their community.”

Like basketball, Lawson said he sees what he’s learned on the court turning into a business.

“Have you brought back the workers. have your back Pick them up. If your teammates fall, pick them up, support them in the same way.” Lawson said.

“They attend sporting events on the weekend and still come here to work and bring energy and take pride and joy in doing what they do,” Mobley said. “I texted them and told them I’m proud.”


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