Rep. Mo Brooks Says We Want Our Weapons So We Can ‘Take Again’ The Country

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala,) is admittedly antagonistic to any new restrictions on weapons — even referring to military-style attack guns — as a result of we’d like them to “take again” our govt, he defined on Fox Information Sunday.

Such motion must best be undertaken within the tournament The united states turns into “dictatorial,” Brooks advised host Sandra Smith.

Brooks completely, and fully baselessly, is satisfied the final presidential election was once “stolen” from Donald Trump — which might be regarded as dictatorial.

The lawmaker highlighted that slippery slope when he straight away went at it with Smith, and angrily defended his myth of a rigged election.

Smith identified “at the document” that there’s nonetheless “no proof or evidence supplied” of a rigged election. “Oh, no, that’s unsuitable. This is completely false,” mentioned Brooks, ahead of Smith corrected him all over again.

Brooks claims the entire concept of the 2nd Modification was once to arm electorate to take over the rustic if want be — and that now not having sufficient weapons round will spark the urge for food of “dictators.” That didn’t occur, on the other hand, all through the 10-year ban on attack guns that expired in past due 2004.

Precisely what the framers had in thoughts regarding protective a “well-regulated military” within the 2nd Modification is now not as crystal transparent as Brooks contends. Many imagine the Charter is addressing precisely what it says: A “nicely regulated military” — and now not a number of beer-swilling buddies at a goal vary with hyper-deadly attack rifles.

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