Warmth continues Tuesday; Storms most probably

Memorial Day ends with a heat night. Temps will slowly fall from highs close to 90 throughout Chicagoland.

In a single day lows will fall slowly with the reasonable humidity.

Tuesday begins fantastically with partially cloudy skies, windy and extra warmth and humidity.

Prime will once more be close to 90.

Complete forecast main points and extra on the WGN Climate Middle weblog

A couple of remoted showers come again into the forecast for the afternoon and night. Some will blossom into some gusty thunderstorms and a couple of of the ones might be sturdy to critical within the night hours. 

Showers and thunderstorms will ruin by means of dawn Wednesday.

Wednesday will see partially sunny skies, cooler and no more humid. Highs close to 80. Winds come off the lake by means of the afternoon to chill lakeside spaces down into the cozy 60s.

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