2 girls lacking after 12 kayakers fall over Virginia dam

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — An afternoon spent playing the outside temporarily was a nightmare Monday afternoon after folks playing Memorial Day actions at the James River in Virginia went over a dam. They wanted rescue after falling off the dam close to the capital.

Bosher’s Dam has a recorded drop of 12-feet. In keeping with the Richmond Fireplace Division, a gaggle of 12 went over the dam simply after 3 p.m. They showed that, whilst maximum have been rescued, two girls stay lacking.

In a press convention Monday evening, the Richmond Fireplace Division mentioned that civilian kayakers helped them rescue 9 of the folks. A 10th used to be in a position to make it to protection unaided—a “self-rescue”—whilst the ultimate two are nonetheless unaccounted for.

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“After an excessively thorough seek lately, this night time, we ceased operations this night time on account of dusk. We can get started our seek efforts day after today morning, very first thing within the morning,” the hearth division mentioned, including that rescue efforts would resume at 7 a.m. Richmond Fireplace mentioned the rescue operation has now not modified the classification to a restoration operation, signaling hope that the 2 ladies are nonetheless alive.

The gang used to be believed to had been the usage of flotation units at the river, as a drone from NEWS10’s sister station recorded pictures of a number of inflatables tied up within the dam. Emergency rescue crews have been additionally photographed by means of the river on Belle Isle—a parcel of land surrounded by means of water a number of miles downriver from Bosher’s Dam—the place a 2nd water rescue used to be going down.

A Richmond Police Division air unit used to be noticed at one of the crucial established scenes, the 9000 block of Cherokee Highway. Emergency crews looked for the lacking girls amid perilous prerequisites at the river on Monday, when it used to be recorded at a top degree of 9-feet.

Check out all the press convention beneath:

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