Chrisean Rock Says Blueface’s Mom & Sister Have Been Bullying Her For two Years Immediately

Chrisean Rock Breaks Silence On Fights With Blueface’s Mother & Sister: ‘They’ve Been Bullying Me For 2 Years Straight’

Chrisean Rock Speaks On Fights With Blueface’s Mom & Sister: ‘They’ve Been Bullying Me For two Years Immediately’

Blueface’s female friend Chrisean Rock made debatable headlines following the struggle she had with Blue’s mom and sister this previous weekend.

Blueface’s mom Karlissa Saffold and his sister Kali Miller alleged that Blue punched them each.

On the other hand, Blue’s supervisor Wack 100 instructed us completely that Rock was once the person who beat the ladies up, and video photos from the struggle, plus Rock’s personal admission on Blue’s IG Tale showed Wack’s tale.

Whilst Karlissa and Kali proceed to stick with their weapons, Rock is once more confirming Wack’s tale as she tells her aspect of items. Rock went reside and showed Wack’s feedback about Blueface’s mother now not in need of her in his space–the place Karlissa and her husband had been staying.

On account of Karlissa’s sentiments, an issue ensued with issues being thrown at Rock, like a pitcher jar. Rock additionally admits that Karlissa swung on her earlier than at her different son’s barbershop. She mentioned she threw an tournament for Karlissa’s different son and all the way through it Karlissa swung on her.

Rock mentioned, “She swung on me earlier than, however I let it slide. You already know, I don’t hit [other] folks’s moms. So, it took so much in me to do what I needed to do as a result of she saved charging at me and was once like, ‘I’mma beat the sh*t out of you,’ and sh*t like that.”

She additionally says she relatively were given “permission” from Blueface to care for her industry. She mentioned, “Her son was once like, ‘Yeah, stick up for your self. Don’t let her hit you.’ So, I mentioned, ‘Alright. F**okay it.’ I’m beating her up and stomping on her, and Blue after all damage it up.”

Rock says later that day, she’s at Blue’s space web hosting a staff bonding tournament for her soccer staff. Then out of nowhere, Kali rushes her within the storage–additionally confirming Wack’s tale. Rock says Kali instructed her to sq. up, however Rock’s staff individuals instructed her to depart.

Rock then saids Kali’s husband got here out of nowhere and pulled her hair and hit her within the ear. Then Blue comes downstairs and requested if she was once good enough. Rock says all the way through the midst of all of it, Kali additionally gave her personal husband a proper hook, and issues then were given out of hand between the 2 ladies.

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