On This Day in 1960, Vivien Leigh Regarded HIGHLY ANNOYED in a Shawl and Sun shades

To begin with, it takes actual appearing talent to so eloquently put across MASS IRRITATION while one’s complete head is sort of utterly coated with one thing. 2nd, even though Vivien Leigh here’s, consistent with Informative Caption, “voicing [her] opinion” in regards to the cancellation of performances of her Broadway play, Duel of Angels, due to a union dispute about pensions between Actors Fairness and the Nationwide Theater League, I think like we’ve all felt this degree of absolute annoyance about one thing over the past six years. (FWIW, the actors in the end were given their pensions.)

Bonus issues for managing to put on that many equipment and nonetheless glance that extremely glam. Scarlett O’Hara does now not desire a bracelet.

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