Scripps Spelling Bee Phrases Listing 2022

Greater than 200 competition this yr had been eradicated from the 2022 spelling bee.

Right here’s a sampling of the phrases that experience given a few of the ones spellers hassle, with definitions courtesy Merriam-Webster and sentences from the New York Instances archive, the place imaginable. (Instance sentences that don’t finish with a newsletter date are innovations.)

  • tektite: a glassy frame of most probably meteoritic beginning and of rounded however indefinite form. “Maximum geologists have lengthy idea the tektites had been terrestrial subject matter thrown into the sky when a comet or asteroid struck earth and streamlined via their flight throughout the surroundings whilst nonetheless molten.” — Nov. 28, 1989

  • wirrah: an Australian noticed meals fish. “In case you’re heading down close to the reefs chances are you’ll catch wirrah, however people name it ‘outdated boot’ as it tastes about that.”

  • sirtaki: a Greek circle dance very similar to a hora. “Senator Henry M. Jackson danced the sirtaki at a Greek‐American amassing in Newton, Mass., after addressing the group.” — Jan. 25, 1976

  • impayable: invaluable, useful. “The bank card advertisements at all times ended with a form of punchline the place they’d listing costs after which say one thing on the finish was once impayable.”

  • Micawber: somebody who’s deficient however constructive. “In ‘David Copperfield,’ the deficient, prolix and tragicomically certain Wilkins Micawber is uplifted via a humble gin punch.” — Dec. 9, 2016

  • escharotic: generating an eschar (a scab shaped particularly after a burn). “Beneath the agonies of the ague, the typhus, or the gout — throughout the wearisome days and nights of intake — below the knife or the escharotic, below all attacks of the Imperial Destroyer — we confidingly glance to him for restoration or reduction.” — Oct. 18, 1860

  • bourgade: a village of scattered dwellings, an unfortified the town. “Regardless of the issues led to via dragons, wintry weather monsters and irresponsible feuding lords, the folk of Westeros rebuilt one bourgade after some other with out a lot of a plan for cover.”

  • chatoyance: the state of being chatoyant (having a changeable luster or colour with an undulating slender band of white gentle). “What I’m saying is that Brigid Brophy’s fey mannerisms betray her message and her message sinks her showy method; what must be all stressed chatoyancy turns into a set gentle blinking code.” — July, 16, 1978

  • bebung: a tremolo impact very similar to a violin vibrato and produced on a clavichord via maintaining a various force at the key. “Funnily sufficient, the ranking time and again notates an decoration that merely can’t be accomplished on a contemporary piano: a bebung, which is a type of vibrato.” — Jan. 18, 2022

  • obstropolous: a dialectical variant of obstreperous (being unruly or proof against keep an eye on). “Lengthy’s box mouse scolds, ‘Nonsense!’ when Thumbelina gadgets to spending her lifestyles underground with the pompous blind mole. Alderson’s snaps, ‘Now don’t be obstropolous.’” — April 11, 2010

  • noctivagant: going about within the evening; night-wandering. “The couple believed their cat was once a sleepy, cuddly spouse, when if truth be told she was once merely resting at day to dart away at the hours of darkness, a noctivagant terror to mice, pigeons and the downstairs neighbor, who close his window tight as soon as the solar slipped out of sight.”

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