17 Easiest Thor Villains From The Comics, Ranked Lamest To Coolest

Who doesn’t love the villain? Fanatics of comics most often do root for the speeding and courageous heroes of universes like Wonder. But, there are occasions when the villains can also be simply as excellent because the heroes, just like the villains of Thor’s rogue’s gallery.

From immortal Gods to vile butchers and magical creatures, Thor’s confronted quite a lot of foes over his storied profession. Then again, whilst many do stand out as iconic villains, some finally end up being much less so, possibly even showing lame compared to one of the crucial iconic and mythical competitors who plague the himbo God of Thunder on his adventure into thriller.

Up to date on June thirteenth, 2022 by way of George Chrysostomou: Thor is set to stand his hardest take a look at but at the large display screen, however whilst fanatics look forward to the discharge of Thor: Love And Thunder, it is indisputably suitable to revisit one of the crucial villains that he has up to now bested within the comedian books; regardless of how pathetic or lame they could also be!


17 Wrecking Workforce

The Wrecking Crew takes on the Defenders

Despite the fact that maximum of Thor’s villains originate in his comics, the Wrecking Workforce first seemed within the Defenders comics. Over time, they might have quite a lot of foes however their major one could be Thor… who would soundly beat them.

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In spite of everything, the Wrecking Workforce is a bunch of muscular dudes armed with enchanted guns taking at the literal God of Thunder. Whilst they could also be an issue for lower-level heroes, Thor doesn’t appear to have a lot of a topic with them.

16 Laufey

Laufey arrives in Midgard with his army

Being the king of the ice giants, one would be expecting the likes of King Laufey to be an enormous and unmovable danger for Thor to stand. And whilst Laufey has been quite respectable through the years, the issue with Laufey stems from his defeat or quite how incessantly they happen.

There are many occasions when villains do organize to overcome or beat down their hero however the likes of Laufey have simplest noticed failure past a couple of wins. Upload that to the truth that they at all times appear to die, go back, then die once more, and Laufey’s greatness turns into reduced. 

15 Ulik

Ulik the Troll lays siege to a town

Whilst Laufey and the Wrecking Workforce can also be noticed as jokes, there are some who would say that Ulik the troll is a good Thor villain. Whilst the rock troll has confirmed himself a worthy adversary for Thor, just about stealing Mjloner and trapping Thor whilst in his human shape, lately, then again, Ulik’s change into extra of a henchman than a large villain.

Again and again within the comics, Ulik’s been applied as a side-villain and no longer given a big position past being ordered to assault. As such, the differently epic villain has reduced through the years and whilst no longer as unhealthy as one of the crucial others, isn’t the most efficient.

14 Kurse

Kurse in Thor comics

A monstrous beast that may undoubtedly perfect Thor in bodily fight if, given the correct energy upgrades, Kurse is a villain that Thor has confronted a handful of occasions and was once even tailored to the large display screen. He does not have the private contention with the Odinson as different foes even though.

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He is slightly goofy in his look and has been recognized to make errors. As a former Darkish Elf, he has risen a ways above his station representing his other people. In some ways, he is a employed hand and a thug, who could not mastermind one of the crucial schemes that experience taken the struggle to Agard.

13 Skurge the Executioner

Skurge arms himself with his guns

Like Ulik, Skurge the Executioner has been noticed extra as a henchman than a person status on his personal. A servant and lackey for the likes of the Enchantress, Skurge has attempted and failed through the years to actually make a mark on Thor however did make a mark in his personal manner.

Whilst Skurge isn’t the most efficient villain, he’s had a few heroic moments through the years. From placing a peculiar friendship with the Asgardians of the Galaxy, preventing for Asgard, or even going to Valhalla at one level, Skurge is now running with Beta Ray Invoice. Once more, he will not be the most efficient villain however isn’t a half-bad hero.

12 Minotaur

The Minotaur is released on frost giants

Thor’s long past thru quite a lot of adjustments through the years. From being an outcast to unworthy to the All-Father, one thing maximum fanatics recall is when Jane Foster become Thor and wielded the hammer towards the likes of Darrio Agger, The Minotaur.

The pinnacle of ROXXON who’s imbued being able to transform a superpower Minotaur following the dying of his circle of relatives, Agger proved himself to be a vicious and violent villain for Thor. But, he at all times appeared to let greed get in the way in which of items that may at all times result in his downfall. In the end, Agger was once taken off the board following an come upon with the Immortal Hulk and Xmennu. 

11 Ragnarok

Ragnarok Clone Thor

When it comes to rating Thor villains at the large display screen some of the main foes from the comics that has so far been disregarded is Thor himself. All over the Civil Conflict arc, a clone of Thor was once created the use of cutting-edge android electronics. That introduction was once named Ragnarok.

Mister Unbelievable and Iron Guy misplaced keep an eye on of this monstrous being even though, with Ragnarok murdering Goliath in chilly blood. Whilst Ragnarok is a faded imitation of Thor, it does boast a lot of his identical skills, however the clone has been crushed by way of each Hercules and the God of Thunder himself.

10 Midgard Serpent

Thor battles the Midagrd Serpent

Apparently sufficient, numerous Norse mythology does make it into comics. Amongst the ones myths, past Thor, lies the story of the Midgard Serpent. A formidable being who turned around all the planet, clutching its personal tail, the serpent was once remodeled to be a foe of Thors.

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Continuously struggling with the God of Thunder through the years, the Midgard Serpent was once an impressive and fatal foe even if hasn’t had too many appearances in comics and but has established itself as some of the perfect Thor villains in the market.

9 Surtur

Surtur holding a sword in Marvel Comics

Very similar to the Serpent, Surtur hails from the fiery realm of Muspelheim comes from Norse mythology however has been given a Wonder replace. A shockingly tough foe, Surtur’s confronted down Thor time once more.

After all, Surtur at all times turns out to fail along with his plans or even died at one level, passing the mantle to his daughter who dominated in his position.

8 The Destroyer

The Destoryer is unleashed by Odin

No longer the entire villains who face down Thor are easy beings. The Destroyer armor is an impressive piece of Asgardian era. Using the person’s existence pressure, the armor will hunt down all goals and kill.

Appearing no mercy, the person of the Destroyer armor at all times appears to be Odin or his brother searching for out a Thor in a single shape or every other. Regardless of its energy, the armor at all times falls to the mighty God.

7 Enchantress

Enchantress sitting on a throne.

Magic is used so much in comics. Many use it for excellent however some like Amora the Enchantress, use it for way more villainous and vile causes.

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A formidable Asgardian witch, Amora has solid tough spells over Thor, Asgard, and different characters, making herself an iconic foe that the thunderer at all times turns out to stand sooner or later.

6 Hela

Help looks down on her realm and subjects

Even heroes in the end face dying. For the heroes of Asgard, that dying leads them immediately to Hel and into the palms of Hela, the goddess of dying. Main a military of the useless, Hela’s been a foe of Thor for a while, even bringing about his dying.

After all, Thor is not the one persona Hela’s tangled with, having struck up a peculiar dating with the Mad Titan Thanos which ended badly. As Thor villains cross Hela is the only to reasonably actually carry the God of Thunder closest to dying.

5 Mangog

A large number of villains are born of hate, with the will for vengeance of their hearts. The Magog is a complete other tale. The closing of a species and breed from their rage, the Mangog simplest lives to smash Asgard and the All-Father Odin.

Time once more, the Mangog’s gotten shut, just about slaying Odin, Thor, and all of Asgard within the procedure. An unstoppable beast headset on using the universe of the Asgardians, the Mangog is a vicious and mighty foe to not be trifled with.

4 Malekith 

MCU fanatics know all in regards to the Malekith from the quite disappointing Thor The Darkish Global. But, many disregard that within the comics, Malekith was once in fact one among Thor’s most threatening foes.

A dismal elf who fed his mom to canines and killed any person who were given in his manner, Malekith the Accursed was once an impressive magician who unfold dying and concern during the Wonder universe. Lately, he nearly conquered the entire ten nation-states right through the Conflict Of The Nation-states earlier than being slain by way of a more youthful Thor.

3 Cul Borson

Cul Borson the Serpent from Fear Itself and Thor

Steadily named the Serpent, to not be at a loss for words with the Midgard Serpent, Cul Borson was once the older brother to Odin. By no means worthy sufficient to tackle Asgard as his sibling went directly to do, Cul grew a hatred for his other people and the ones within the 9 Nation-states for whom they give protection to.

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The Concern Itself narrative noticed the Serpent in the end unharness his complete possible, selecting his warriors from amongst Earth’s mightiest heroes and laying siege to Earth. He is one of the terrifying threats that Thor has confronted but, however follows a redeeming arc as Conflict Of The Nation-states improved.

2 Gorr The God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher in Marvel Comics

Each and every hero meets a foe that’s essentially the most brutal and harsh of the bunch. Gorr is that Thor villain. One of the crucial intense villains Thor ever confronted, Gorr hails from an international the place, after dropping his whole circle of relatives, he become enraged with the Gods and took keep an eye on of the Necrosword, a horrible weapon he makes use of towards Thor.

Making a long run the place he laws and each and every God is his prisoner, Gorr brutally tortures Thor around the previous, provide and long run. Even if all 3 got here in combination and beat him, Gorr later returns to plague King Thor as one among his darkest villains.

1 Loki

Loki with Mjolnir in Marvel Comics.

It wouldn’t be a Thor listing with out the god’s half-brother, Loki. An ice massive who was once deserted, the tragic Loki could be taken in by way of Odin and would cross onto function the Avenger’s first foe and would continuously combat his sibling.

In the end, even though, Loki was once given a recent get started as a hero and in more moderen years, the god of methods and lies has change into a fan favourite of many. Even along with his villainous previous, Loki manages to search out the facet of excellent extra incessantly than no longer, even though he can not lend a hand be stray from the trail each and every every so often.

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