Jeffrey Dahmer Lookalike Made In GTA 5 Online RP

They Made A Jeffrey Dahmer Lookalike In GTA 5 Online RP

Netflix’s drama about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has attracted huge viewing figures but also criticism from people who say it’s insensitive.

The sister of one of his victims has described Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story as “harsh and careless”.

Amid the whole controversy surrounding the Netflix drama, gamers have now made a Jeffrey Dahmer lookalike in GTA 5 online RP and it’s currently garnering lots of reactions from folks online.

“I bet Jeffrey Dahmer secret lover made this GTA V character,” someone commented. “I know his online player getting wacked expeditiously everytime or he definitely in passive mode,” another user wrote.

While Jeffrey Dahmer’s eyeglasses has been put up for sale for $150K, Rita Isbell, whose brother Errol Lindsey was 19 when he was killed, gave an emotional victim impact statement in court in 1992, but said she was not informed it would be recreated in Ryan Murphy’s 10-part series.

She told Insider: “When I saw some of the show, it bothered me, especially when I saw myself – when I saw my name come across the screen and this lady saying verbatim exactly what I said.”

She said Netflix should have given some of the money from the show to the victims’ children and grandchildren. “If the show benefited them in some way, it wouldn’t feel so harsh and careless. It’s sad that they’re just making money off of this tragedy. That’s just greed.”

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