Keanu Reeves Makes Light Of Citizenship Ambitions

Before asking Reeves, 58, if he would be enthusiastic about becoming a naturalized American citizen, Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Fallon asked him about his journey to Hollywood prominence from his roots in Toronto, Canada.

When I was twenty, I moved to the Hollywood area. I rode about in my automobile. When asked if he currently resides in Los Angeles, Reeves responded, “Yeah, I’ve been here since 1985,” after detailing how his early film experiences paved the way for him to get an agent in the city.

After Jimmy Kimmel pointed out that, despite living in the United States for almost three decades, Reeves is still solely a Canadian citizen, Reeves proudly said, “I’m still a Canadian,” to enthusiastic applause from the studio crowd.

You’ll always be a Canadian, but do you not find any appeal in holding U.S. citizenship? Kimmel questioned.

Kimmel quipped that Vice President Joe Biden should phone Reeves to ask why he hasn’t applied for citizenship; in response, Reeves joked that he would send copies of his new comic book BRZRKR to the 46th president to prove he’s qualified.

Kimmel then revealed that his crew had gathered all the necessary documentation for Reeves to petition for American citizenship onstage with him, citing Rodriguez’s journey to naturalization as an example. A 2005 article in the Sioux City Journal states that Rodriguez completed the process of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States.

With a thumbs up, Rodriguez encouraged Reeves to try something new. Kimmel said during the interview that he had previously considered marrying Reeves with his wife so that Reeves might become a citizen.

Yet, Reeves said, “you’re married.” If you were a criminal, Jimmy, you and I would have to be on the run. Not. Yes, but I warned her that our Constitution could need some tweaking, Kimmel admitted.

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