Musk gets Texas prosecutor to investigate Twitter

Attorney General of Texas, Ken PaxtonThe bureau announced that it will begin investigations into Twitter bots, fake accounts and spam. Elon MuskLast April, it announced that it had bought this social network for $44,000 million.

“Attorney General Paxton filed a civil lawsuit to investigate the reports Twitter The Republican office said in a press release.

press release

Paxton requested details of the social network’s daily and monthly active users and requested “sufficient documentation to demonstrate the number of accounts.” Twitter Unauthorized for every month from 2017 till now.

The Twitter investigation began the same day he was Tesla’s CEO and co-founder. SpaceXThrough her lawyers, she threatened to pull out of the deal she signed to buy Twitter because of concerns about fake accounts, spam and bots.

Mark Fagel, a securities law expert who previously served as the regional director’s office United States Securities and Exchange Commission The SEC in San Francisco told CNBC that Paxton’s announcement is somewhat unusual because these cases are not handled at the state level.

last year, Misc He moved the electric vehicle maker’s headquarters from Palo Alto, California to Austin, Texas, and this year opened a large Tesla factory outside Austin.

Also, the world’s richest man changed his residence to Texas in 2020.

On the other hand SpaceX It has a major manufacturing and launch facility in Brownsville, Texas.

Musk asked the Texas Attorney General to investigate Twitter

2022-06-07 06:14:17

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