Nantucket Police warn of possible migrant flight with ‘many similarities’ to Martha’s Vineyard incident

Could Another Flight of Immigrants Be Coming to Massachusetts?

Nantucket police have warned that a flight similar to the one that happened last month on Martha’s Vineyard is coming this week – the island when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent dozens of refugees from Texas to the Bay State.

Now another Massachusetts island could see a similar immigrant arrival.

On Friday, Nantucket Police Central Dispatch received a call from Nantucket Memorial Airport Operations about a flight scheduled to land on Tuesday.

“The purpose of the call was to inform the Nantucket Police Department that the reported flight had many similarities to the flight and incident at Martha’s Vineyard,” Nantucket Police said in a statement.

He contacted the charter company at Nantucket Memorial Airport Operations, and reported that the chartered flight was a commercial flight for a group out of Chicago.

“When a plane carrying refugees arrives, the Nantucket Police Department and many other city departments have a detailed plan to handle such a situation,” police said.

Last month, 49 Venezuelan refugees were transported from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard on DeSantis’ orders, shocking the island community.

After local residents and groups stepped up to help the refugees, they were taken to Joint Base Cape Cod, a barracks that was better equipped to provide housing, food and basic needs. The state’s temporary shelter service will end at the end of this week as transitional housing opportunities run out.

The refugees were brought to the San Antonio shelter and offered housing, job search assistance and a plane ride to Boston. According to officials and activists, the planes were tricked into crossing government lines under false pretenses.

DeSantis said the Florida-paid flights to Martha’s Vineyard were part of an effort to “transport illegal immigrants to sanctuaries.”

A Texas sheriff’s office has launched an investigation into how the migrants were tricked into boarding the plane, and civil rights lawyers have filed a federal lawsuit against DeSantis.

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