Netflix Wednesday Series First Trailer Released

There’s been a LOT of buzz about Netflix’s new series Wednesday, and fans (myself included) are ecstatic to see Tim Burton’s take on The Addams Family.

The series stars Jenna Ortega as a teenage Wednesday Addams, who is off on her own to navigate the mysterious and spooky world of high school.

She’ll be attending the infamous Nevermore Academy, aka the “safe haven” for outcasts, “no matter who or what they are.”

This season, Wednesday will face the typical trials and tribulations of high school, while also coming up against some not-so-normal foes like secret societies and “a homicidal monster.”

In addition to Jenna’s Wednesday, we’ll see new iterations of old faves like Gomez (Luis Guzmán) and Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

We also get a glimpse of Thing (Victor Dorobantu).

Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen) makes an appearance and has planned an adventure of his own, of course.

We even have some new characters to meet, like Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie), who is Nevermore’s headmistress and Morticia’s former roommate.

And the best part: The original Wednesday Addams, Christina Ricci, makes a very special appearance as Ms. Thornhill.

And now that the official trailer has dropped, you can see exactly what all the hype was about. Watch it here:

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It’s good, folks. Like, REALLY good. 

Be sure to watch Wednesday, which premieres on Netflix on November 23.

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