Nvidia, AMD, and 8 More Stocks Could See a Bounce Soon. Here’s Why.

of S&P 500 Maybe Down By 21 percent this year, but tax laws could make stocks the worst performers in 2022, according to a Bank of America report.

Tax-loss harvesting has become a more common strategy since then. Tax Reform Act In the year In 1986, BofA said in its report, “This Year’s Big Harvest: Tax Losses.” Investors who commonly use this approach sell Investments that lose money in order to reduce taxable capital gains made by selling other stocks. For most mutual funds, the sale deadline is October 31, while retail investors have until December 31. Tax Loss Candidates, or TLCs, are stocks like the S&P 500 that are down 10 percent or more from Jan. 1 through Oct. 31, the report said.

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