Oscar Isaac Teases More Moon Knight in the MCU’s Future

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Moon Knight was one of the more unusual Marvel shows in many ways. It not only had Golden Globe-winning actor Oscar Isaac playing its key characters, but also a superhero that most people weren’t really aware of and an unorthodox narrative.

Because of this, no one was really sure if Marvel was going to make another season of the show. Fortunately, Isaac, who’s at New York Comic Con this weekend, has just given us hope.

When Isaac hit the Empire Stage at the Javits Center earlier today, he provided some tantalizing info when he was grilled about the future of his heroic mercenary and whether Marvel fans should be on the lookout for the second season of Moon Knight.

“All I can say is that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the system that is Moon Knight,” the actor said about the continuation of the show. Interesting that he uses the word system to describe the show – probably referring to the complex web of alternate personalities his character has to live with unaware that a certain Egyptian god is not ready to let go of his perfect host.

A new season of Moon Knight isn’t a part of MCU’s Phase Five, and if it is, Marvel’s not telling us. That would mean the new season would either be part of Phase Six or beyond. Now that Armor Wars is being redone as a movie, there’s potentially room for a new series on the roster.

There’s also been a number of rumors, including that the show’s been canceled (it hasn’t). Back in August, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab was in Cairo with Isaac and upon being asked if he was working on season 2 of the show, he casually responded by asking why else would he be in the city. He also dropped hints on Twitter about a potential season two. However, he backtracked later by saying “there is no talk about a future for the character yet….”

Though a new season hasn’t been confirmed, it’s looking good for our moonlighting mercenary as his story will continue in one form or another.

The first season of Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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