Peabody’s new rat control methods sound effective, and horrifying


55 SMART boxes, that use electricity to kill rodents, have been placed in high rodent areas of Peabody.

An electric rat trap is seen along the bike path in Somerville. The same kind of traps are now being used in Peabody. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

The city of Peabody is getting rid of its rat problem in a scary but effective way — with electricity. 

The city is placing 55 SMART boxes in areas of high rodent activity according to reporting by The Salem News. These boxes will use electric currents to kill rodents without chemicals or pesticides. 

Starting in early September the city also placed 50 Contrapest stations around town, which prevent all rats, both male and female, from reproducing after it comes into contact with them. But, it does not kill them like the SMART boxes. 

“Like many urban areas in the northeast, Peabody is seeing an increase in complaints related to rodent activity. We recognize the potential health and quality of life issues this can pose for our residents and businesses, and we are one of the first communities in this region to implement these innovative approaches,” said Peabody Mayor Ted Bettencourt. 

These pest systems are overseen by Modern Pest Control. 

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