SPIDER & JESSIE: Mckenna Grace cast in Opioid Drama directed by Dan Kay

Mckenna Grace cast in Spider & Jessie

Mckenna Grace has been cast in Spider & Jessie. Grace has been cast as Spider, one of two sisters whose mother has fatally overdosed.

Spider & Jessie‘s plot synopsis: “The movie follows two scrappy sisters who, after discovering their mother has fatally overdosed, are terrified they’ll be separated by an overburdened foster care system. As such, they conceal the body. However, the local police chief, mom’s drug counselor and her volatile ex-boyfriend get closer to uncovering the truth, and the girls must decide just how far they are willing to go to keep their secret buried.”



Dan Kay is directing the film. Kay wrote the script for the film.

Jesse Williams, Jojo Regina, Dacre Montgomery, Forrest Goodluck, Fernanda Andrade, and Malia Baker have also been cast in the film.

On the Production

“Hungry Bull Productions led by Joseph Restaino (Pig) and Jeff Hoffman (Lansky) from Above the Clouds are producing and co-financing. Production is underway in Florida.

Also producing Spider & Jessie are Tony Stopperan, Kay, and Dan Sima with EPs Grace, Williams, Russell Gray, Yaniv Hoffman and Leal Naim. WME Independent is repping the project’s worldwide rights.”

On Casting

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In Closing

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Spider & Jessie has no U.S. distributor or theatrical release date yet.

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