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ANN/THE NATION THAILAND – Thai pharmaceutical and medical importer, Aestec Pharma, has joined forces with Korean pharmaceutical powerhouse Hugel hold regular seminars the knowledge of aesthetic medical professionals in Thailand.

The move is part of plans to Thailand in Southeast Asia’s aesthetic medical hub, Hugel’s chief medical officer and vice president Hyoung Jin Moon said in an exclusive interview.

He said the aim is to provide professional training to Thai doctors and beauty service providers, who can then share their knowledge with their counterparts in neighboring countries.

The first such seminar, entitled the ‘Aesthetics Masterclass: Harmonizing the shape with botulinum toxin type A (BoNT-A)’, was held recently to impart knowledge on the safe application of rejuvenating active ingredients. The event also touched on the “reverse aging” concept that intends to raise the bar the beauty industry.

The seminar was top dermatologists, especially from South Korea, as well as more than 0 Thai doctors who share their knowledge, insights, techniques and the in the beauty enhancement industry. Kasikit Phuangpinyo, CEO of Aestec Pharma, expressed confidence in Thailand’s aesthetic industry, saying demand is rising with up to 10 percent per year, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal, he said, was to promote new technology and innovations while also providing reliable information to the public and raising standards so that medical service providers can give their clients a positive experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. The seminars will also strengthen the company’s status as a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Hugel’s Moon said the concept of beauty in Thailand and South Korea are very similar and expects Thailand to serve as a rejuvenation center in the region.

Participants in the seminar. PHOTO: THE NATION OF THAILAND

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