The Rings Of Power Season 2 Begins Filming In U.K.

According to a new report from THR, The Rings of Power Season 2 begins filming in the U.K. Season 1 of Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was filmed almost all in New Zealand. However apart from some small shooting planned for NZ, most of Season 2 and onward will be filmed in and around the U.K.

It’s official: Amazon’s The Rings of Power has started filming its next season. Production got underway Monday at the new hub at Bray Studios, just outside London.

The move to the U.K. was made for economical reasons, which is also the reason New Zealand was chosen in the first place also. However long term Amazon seems to setting up a U.K. multi project hub. There will of course be some fans who feel like New Zealand is essential to the LOTR experience. However, remember that Tolkien was very much in love with the geography of the British Isles and specifically design his tales with that in mind.

Scenic view of Quiraing mountains in Isle of Skye, Scottish highlands, United Kingdom. Sunrise time with colourful an rayini clouds in background

Plus, are you really going to say Scotland cannot match New Zealand for landscapes? Pfft, please. I could have picked a hundred similar images like the one above.

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In terms of cast, there is certainly one major addition for Season 2 and that’s Cirdan the Shipwright, an Elf even older than Galadriel. Cirdan is eventually one of the bearers of the Three for a time until he meets Gandalf. Once Gandalf arrives in Middle-earth Cirdan gives up his stewardship to him, knowing fully from whence he came. However that is a long time away and not relevant to The Rings of Power right now.

If my theory holds that Sauron has not yet been seen in Season 1, he could be a new addition for Season 2. Though if that is the case I expect a reveal in the final episode of Season 1. That season finale will air on October, 14th. Unless of course Sauron is actually [SPOILER], as many fans believe, in which case I’ll just sigh and move on. For more on this, see this Review show.

Are you excited to hear that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 2 begins filming in the U.K.? Are you a fan or not so far of The Rings of Power? Thoughts below as always.

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