Thousands of NJ residents face water disruptions after ‘unprecedented’ water main break

Thousands of New Jersey residents are experiencing water outages, officials said.

The 74-inch break was first reported Wednesday at an aqueduct in Nutley, which is controlled by the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission. A second break affected Newark’s water supply canal.

When repairs are done on the first break It is expected to be completed At least seven municipalities across Essex, Hudson and Passaic counties are at risk of service outages, officials said Friday night, with the water authority still not making significant progress.

On Saturday, Montclair and Glen Ridge declared water emergencies, prohibiting residents from using water for “non-convenient” purposes. So did the Bloomfield city government, warning of an “unprecedented water emergency.” where given Careful boiled water advice. Residents in Newark And Belleville They were. warned The possibility of creating low pressure and colored water.

In a video message, Montclair Mayor Shawn Spieler said the city has experienced severe water shortages throughout the week as cities that are currently providing water are forced to resolve their own shutoffs.

If Montclair’s emergency measures fail, he said, residents should prepare for “a non-potable water declaration or no water coming out of water pipes in our homes and businesses.”

He added, “We are still not experiencing sufficient reductions in water use to meet our supply challenges.”

The event is coming soon. Two months Service was disrupted for more than 100,000 people in Newark after a major water main break.

Inquiries to the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission were not immediately returned. Authority declined to provide. A new timeline for maintenance.

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