Weeks of ‘She-Hulk’ Teases With No Payoff Has Some MCU Fans Losing Their Appetite for Daredevil

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Earlier this year, rumors began to build that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil would appear in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. His brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home delighted fans of the Man Without Fear, Murdock’s legal skills are a perfect fit for She-Hulk‘s courtroom drama, and we now know he’ll be making a proper comeback in solo series Born Again.

A She-Hulk trailer gave a quick look at his new red and gold costume, and legions of Daredevil fans began diligently watching the show waiting for his arrival. Well, we’re now seven episodes into the nine-episode first season, and the most we’ve seen of him is a gold-horned helmet poking out of a box. His absence each week has driven fans crazy, and for some, the wait has been so long they’re no longer hyped:

Judging by the replies this is very much a minority position, with most Marvel fans confident he won’t be “ruined”:

And fan excitement is still high:

One poster identifies this as “next-level complaining”, which to be fair some Marvel fans are exceedingly talented at:

But some zero on in Daredevil fans, though it should be remembered their passion kept the flame burning for Cox’s take on the hero:

And another says that it’s looking very likely that the only “ruining” going on will be between Jennifer Walters’ sheets:

After two weeks of what are essentially bottle episodes, we’re expecting Murdock to finally rear his horned head in episode eight on Thursday. That’ll likely set up next week’s season finale, so we’d expect him to extend his trip to L.A. to help out She-Hulk with whatever Intelligencia-style caper she’s caught up in.

Could there be a more substantial romance on the cards? Perhaps, though a long-distance relationship between two very busy professionals doesn’t seem like it has much chance of working out. Then again, at least Walters would be much more difficult for Daredevil’s foes to target due to her Hulk powers.

We’ll find out for certain on Thursday when She-Hulk episode eight lands.

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