Why Watching Movies Is Good for Business Owners — Every Movie Has a Lesson

by Lewis Robinson

Entrepreneurs typically have a lot on their plate. They have to interact with clients, coordinate company operations and oversee employees. Whether you manage a huge team or a small one, you likely stay busy during the week, and maybe even on the weekend.

Some business owners feel like taking a break is a waste of time. They may believe that in order to triumph, they have to constantly live and breathe their work. In reality, this strategy can be counterproductive. Taking some time to watch a movie or have fun with friends can benefit small business owners and the companies they run.

Mental Health

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying entertainment, whether you’re into summer blockbusters, comedies, romantic films or dramas. The idea is to give your brain a rest from concentration for a while.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your mind needs rest to function optimally. It’s like any muscle. Doing exercise is healthy, but overdoing things can hurt you.

In the same way, focusing on your work during business hours is a good thing, but your brain also needs some time to cool down. Your mind can only analyze so many call center metrics or financial data points before it tires out. Order a pizza, catch a new movie, unwind a bit and wake up fresh the next day.

Mood Benefits

Have you ever noticed that solutions and great ideas seem to pop into your head when you feel great? That’s the effect of positive emotions on your creative process. Put simply, the better your outlook, the better your problem-solving abilities, imagination and brainstorming abilities.

Also, a positive mood is beneficial for your physical health. Lower stress levels are better for your heart. As a business owner, taking a breather to watch a movie is an excellent investment.

Of course, for people who work at home, it’s important not to swing to the other extreme, either. You need to stick to your schedule. Set aside time for relaxation, but don’t let it take over your day. If you have work to finish by a deadline, it’s not the time to binge-watch your favorite series.


Watching a movie is a great way to disconnect from the outside world. You can do this both literally and emotionally. While you’re engrossed in a film, the day’s worries and stresses get put on hold for a while. This is a good thing.

It’s also positive when you literally disconnect, especially if you’re spending time with family or friends. Clients and employees can wait a couple of hours. Your body and mind need time to recharge.


Did you know that periods of rest can boost your productivity? Instead of hitting your head against the same wall for hours, set the project aside, watch a movie, and then come back to the problem with a fresh set of eyes.

This technique works for many successful business owners. Burnout is a real problem. Your goal isn’t to win a short race. It’s to run a marathon and be successful. Prioritize good relaxation habits and avoid burning the candle at both ends constantly.


Movie watching can also benefit your business in ways you may not expect. This can happen because of the huge variety of things that occur during films. You may see a product, hear a line of dialogue or notice a concept that unleashes your spark of genius. If this happens, don’t feel bad about pausing the movie for a second, writing down your idea, and then getting back into it.

Don’t forget that work is supposed to support your lifestyle, not the other way around. Remember to stop and smell the popcorn sometimes. That way, you remember why you’re working hard, and it helps you reach your goals more easily.

Like many things in life and business, the secret to benefiting from entertainment and relaxation is to be balanced. A good balance makes you happier and helps you seize smart opportunities when they appear.

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